Thank you for your patronage

We always strive to be at the cutting edge of natural health and nutritional technology. You entrust your health to us and you help us educate others about what we do, and we wish to express our gratitude. In appreciation of your trust and your support by sharing your good experience with others, we are happy to offer a referral rewards program. 

Our Referral Program

To show our gratitude, we offer a value program that can be applied towards future visits, and are also transferrable to anyone you choose for all referred patients who come to Healing Arts NYC!

First referral: $5 off your next visit
Second referral: $10 off your next visit
Third referral: $15 off your next visit
Fourth referral: $20 off your next visit
Fifth referral and on: $25 off your next visit for the fifth and each additional patient you refer

The more people you refer, the more you are rewarded for helping us help others and carry out our mission of sharing the Joy of Health. We appreciate you!