Healing Arts Favorite Recipes

We know diet is a big part of creating healthy bodies, and that sometimes the results of our patients' muscle testing requires significant changes in the way they eat. Our goal is to support our patients in all aspects of their program, so we like to share simple recipes and variations of common foods to enable our patients to succeed and experience the Joy of Health! We hope you enjoy the recipes below and if you're still stuck, please email us for more tips and ideas. We offer a variety of nutritional support - we want you to know that we're here to help! 



gluten free, refined sugar free

A delicious snacking sweet or morning toast alternative!



gluten free pancake alternative

So delicious, you have to try! Buckwheat is a great grain to get to know on your gluten free program!


three simple ingredients, then add your favorite mixers

The most commonly request recipe has arrived! Super simple, do-it-yourself, couldn't be easier, home made chocolate! 


gluten free, vegetarian, low carb

This is a great meal or snack that will aid the body in its detoxing abilities. The cauliflower is a low carbohydrate option to most other grains giving the body a break from generally highly processed and over eaten grains. The use of dried herbs mint and oregano help the body’s natural detox processes. Oregano is an excellent digestive aid as it help stimulate the digestive system and it’salso a very powerful anti bacterial and anti fungal herb, keeping those bad bugs away. Mint supports circulation which helps the body be able to detox efficiently. It’s also used as a anti inflammatory and eases tension and promotes mental clarity. So make a batch and enjoy the taste and detox benefits. 

Coconut Flour Bread

This recipe for coconut flour bread is simple, with just 6 recognizable, quality ingredients. Because coconut flour is higher in fiber, protein and fat than other wheat alternatives, it delivers a unique, spongy texture that lends itself well to quick breads and muffins.


What to do when your body says no to gluten and/or other grains and you still love bread? Try our very own chef Addison's recipe for a modern take on an age old staple: bread!

Banana NUT Cookies

Gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free

A sweet treat to satisfy those dessert and sugar cravings. Made with a buckwheat base and sweetened with bananas and honey, these goodies are a little gem for those looking to satisfy a sweet tooth.