Nova Landaeus

 Nova is a woman of many talents & interests. She is a certified Advanced Practitioner of Nutrition Response Testing®, an Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach, and a certified Reiki practitioner. She also teaches the Chakra Class offered by Healing Arts NYC, a movement-based class which helps to open and rebalance the Chakras (energy centers in the body). Nova is also a dancer & teacher at Nieves Latin Dance Studio in Brooklyn. 

Having been a dancer all her life, Nova has an immense respect for the body and it’s ability to change, adapt & heal. With the help of Dr. Armitstead & Nutrition Response Testing®, Nova was able to restore her own health. After her miraculous experience, the only option was to learn this incredible tool in order to share it with others. Nova is thrilled to be working with the team at Healing Arts NYC, and to be helping people find their way back to health & happiness by supporting the body to heal itself.


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Nova’s Personal Story with Nutrition Response Testing:

I was referred to Dr. Armitstead by a friend in 2011, at which point I was plagued daily by horrible abdominal pain and unsightly acne all over my face. I was recovering from an eating disorder I had developed a few years earlier (by no means uncommon in the dance world) and the occasional digestive issues I had experienced as a child had become aggravated & intensified by my unhealthy eating patterns. I was eating normally again, but the bloating & discomfort I was feeling was making the recovery process even harder. It was obvious that something was not right. My health was deteriorating quickly and I needed help. Having grown up in an alternative & holistic household, I knew western medicine would only try to cover up the symptoms I was experiencing, without trying to solve the underlying problem. I was so relieved when I found Dr. Armitstead. My detox was not an easy one. It took a long time and much patience before I started to really feel better, but I was committed to the process, and boy, once the toxins were out of my system, it was like I was in a whole new body: No more pain, no more acne! Since then, I’ve referred my whole family and many friends to Dr. Armitstead. Through my journey, I realized just how many of the health issues people face are avoidable by simply supporting the body to heal itself. As a dancer, there is something very special to me about the physicality of the technique we use in the office - the simplicity of communicating & trusting the body to know what it needs has been deeply healing and humbling to me.  I want to share this tool with as many people as possible, helping them to feel better and empowered about their health the way Dr. Armitstead did for me.