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Improvements Commonly Experienced on the Program

  • Reduced weight

  • Less food cravings

  • Looking younger

  • Feeling happier

  • Reduced stress

  • Improved stomach and bowel function

  • Increased energy

  • Reduced pain

Our Clients Speak for Their Own Results

Below are testimonials from our very own clients who have experienced the benefits of Nutrition Response Testing®. While the list is long, it is certainly not comprehensive. If you're still unsure whether or not Nutrition Response Testing® can help with your condition, please contact us - we're here to help. 

Attentive and Honors the Individual: "Healing Arts office is a peaceful and quiet space in the middle of busy midtown.  Attentive staff, and more importantly, a patient manner that honors the individual, their health and goals." ~T.A.


Digestive Issues "I have been working with Nova for help with digestive issues and adrenal fatigue and have been getting great results." L.C.

Intestinal Inflammation: "Just FYI, I had a colonoscopy today and the Dr said I had no inflammation. That is a first in over 15 years." ~ P.Z.

Acid Reflux: “I had Acid Reflux, dry skin, high blood pressure, and have a hard time swallowing food. Since being on the (Nutrition Response Testing) program, I have no acid reflux. My skin is 75% better than it was. I’m able to swallow easier.” ~J.B.

Bloating & Discomfort After Eating Meals: "The last three months with Healing Arts has been an eye-opening journey for me.  I went from having stomach aches, irritable bowels, severe gas, acid reflux, and labored breathing after eating, to being cured of all these troubles in a matter of weeks.  I was able to achieve major holistic and positive changes that have helped me look and feel so much better than I could have ever imagined. After nearly 90 days, my skin and hair shine bright, my mind and soul feel cleansed, and my body is 100% refreshed! I now feel armed with the tools I need to enjoy long-lasting radiant health thanks to Healing Arts NYC!" ~K.

Food Allergies/Diarrhea: “Before I came to see you, I had spent the last six plus years trying to get better. My mom remembers me having digestive problem when I was two years old. I don’t really remember a time when I was actually feeling good. I’ve tried going to numerous other doctors and have done years of research on my own, but still I just continued to feel worse. I would always feel tired, bloated and had continuous diarrhea, not to mention other problems. After only one week of my (Nutrition Response Testing) program, I am already beginning to see positive results. My diarrhea has pretty much ceased. I’m beginning to feel good and energized after eating a meal instead of feeling so tired and cold that I can’t even function. My continuous stinky sweating has lessened. I can’t wait to continue down the path of better health.” ~T.I.


IBS and Mercury Toxicity: “You probably don't remember me, but I'll never forget you. You helped me get on a path towards healing my troubled gut years ago. I moved to LA and continued seeing an applied kinesiologist here.  First thing you found when you started to heal me, was that I had an excess of mercury in my system. You helped me to detox some of the Mercury, but it kept being a problem that it was attacking my nervous system every time I ate a certain kind of food. You help me find some of the foods. Garlic and onions were the main culprit. The list kept growing after I moved to LA. It included things like asparagus, chocolate, brussel sprouts, on and on. I felt like I couldn't eat anything. Then one day I found out they all had a common denominator: Thiols. My body wasn't breaking them down. And they were mobilizing all of the mercury in my system. I continued to detox the mercury and within two months I could eat all the foods that I wasn't able to eat before. I'll always be thankful for you and helping me finally understand that IBS is not just the end of the road for people that are suffering with pain. Western doctors may never really understand what's going on inside of our gut, but people like you can help people like me gain a control that they've never had before over their suffering. Thank you for your help. I hope you continue to heal people!” ~A.S.


Chronic Fatigue: “I was a basket case, tired, feeling lousy and no energy. I would have to push myself to do something. Now (after Nutrition Response Testing), I have more energy and get up and go. It is not a struggle do to things.” ~F.B.

More Energy than Ever: "I came to see Dr. Armitstead at a very low point, I was completely drained of energy, even though I was getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy food and exercising, I just didn't feel rested and was exhausted from morning until night. After about 3 weeks of following the nutrition response program and getting chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Armitstead, my energy level was back to what it had been before I became a mother, 4 years ago. I was shocked and amazed. I had accepted my fatigue as my new reality, something that just came with the added responsibility of motherhood, but now I feel like myself again, actually better. Dr. Armitstead is a true healer, I am so thankful for her work." ~J.G.

Run Down Feeling and Shoulder/Back Pain: “I had little energy felt, felt run down and had shoulder and back pain. My muscles and joints had aches and pains and getting out of the car was a chore. I was unable to run due to extreme lower back pain from the jarring. After just 3 days on the (Nutrition Response Testing) program, my shoulder pain was gone. Now after 2 weeks on the program, my back pain is greatly decreased and am able to run. I can get out of the much faster and easier and don’t feel like an old man when I do it. My muscles and joints feel much better. I have more energy. I am able to function at work at 6AM and the ten-hour days don’t wear me out like they used to do.” ~D.M.

Fatigue and Insomnia: “I was tired through the day and had difficulty sleeping (insomnia). I was concerned with my excess weight and not getting the results I was hoping for from cutting calories and exercise. (After Nutrition Response Testing), I am learning what types of food I should be eating and can tell now when I have eaten something I shouldn’t have. I sleep soundly at night and have a lot more energy throughout the day. In fact for the last three months, I was working 50-60 hours a week and I have been able to stay energized throughout the long weeks. Everyone around me is constantly wondering how I have the energy to work those long hours and many of these people complain of lack of energy. Guess what, I am starting to refer my family and friends.” ~E.W.

Adrenal Fatigue "I have been working with Nova for help with digestive issues and adrenal fatigue and have been getting great results." L.C.

Fatigue and Pain: "Going to Healing Arts has been the best thing I’ve done for myself. After having gone to different doctors over the past three years without any results. I had all kinds of aches in my body, shortness of breath, pain in my lymph nodes, and no energy.  Now after being with Healing Arts for a couple of months, all my symptoms are gone and I have more energy than I’ve had in years. It feels amazing to feel so well, and that is all thanks to Healing Arts. Taking care of myself in this way has also inspired me to think about my health and life in a much more wholesome way. I love how they can basically tell me what my own body is saying it needs.  It is so amazing!" ~T.S.


Hodgkins Lymphoma: "I was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin's lymphoma in early 2014. After completing six months of chemotherapy I was in remission. Unfortunately, two months later the cancer came back and I started chemotherapy for a second time followed by a stem cell transplant. After which the cancer was still there. I was furious and started educating myself. After learning of the relationship between cancer and amalgam fillings I visited a holistic dentist who then referred me to Dr. Armitstead. My first appointment was in October and she advised I continued chemotherapy but detox by coffee enemas. As well changing my diet (cut out bread and sugar) and taking supplements. Last month I had a PET scan which showed no signs of disease. I am full of energy and feel better than I have in years. I strongly believe it has all to do with my changing my diet and taking the proper supplements as well as pulling out the toxins from my body. I have recommended Dr. Armitstead to my coworkers, friends and family who can't believe the progress I've made in such a short amount of time. I'm blessed to have found her and only wish I knew about her sooner." ~E.B.

Tumor update: "The remaining tumors (which had shrunken in size and showed low metabolic activity in previous scan 3 months prior) are completely gone. The exact words from the nurse practitioner were, 'Absolutely, no signs of disease. Your scan is completely clear. Congratulations' And I just want to say Thank you Dr. Armitstead for leading me in the right path. My heart is full of gratitude. This scan is specially significant because it proves the changes made in my diet and supplementing are truly responsible for my healing. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart." ~E.B.

Ears, Nose & Throat

Nagging Cough “I was coughing and blowing my nose so many times a day I thought I should invest in the Kleenex company. I was driving my husband and co-workers crazy! I went to work every day tired. I wanted to go right to bed as soon as I came home from work. I could sleep Saturday and Sunday until 12:00 or 2:00PM. Now (after Nutrition Response Testing) I can breath and not cough! I don’t have post nasal drip! I get up feeling refreshed and I have energy all day. This is changing my life in just seven days. I also have lost two pounds!” ~ T.S.


Anxiety and Depression: “I am a patient of Dr. Alicia Armitstead. I have suffer from anxiety and depression from adolescence. Especially, suicidal thoughts. It's very hard to talk about and share with people. But many people don't understand anxiety or depression and how it affects people's lives. These feelings can start as soon as I wake up in the morning. The fear begins with a daily question of how will I feel today and how would I make it to the end of the day mentally and physically. During the day, I start thinking of random sad situations, that I can't control. When the day is over and it's bedtime I’m hoping not to wake up the next day so I don't have to feel the same way I woke up, feeling depressed. It gets very tiring to hide this from family and friends. With Dr. Armitstead’s treatment, guidance and food regiments, I have felt a big transition in my health both physically and mentally. I don’t feel depressed and I don’t have any more suicidal thoughts. You don’t understand how gratifying that is. I didn’t expect that would be part of my healing. I came to the office for stomach pain. I can be healthy, happy, and pain free. Thank you so much Dr. Armitstead for everything. Thank you!” J.L.

Depression: “In 2008 I spent the summer in an inpatient rehab for my major depression. It’s only been one year and under Dr. Armitstead’s guidance, I’m totally off all my medications and feeling happier than I have in years. Having spent quite some time in recovery I haven’t encountered anyone who has matched Dr. Armitstead’s heartfelt conviction and unyielding determination. Her knowledge of the body is enormous and her assessment skills are highly developed. She is after the root cause of disease and disorder and unlike a medical doctor, she does not look to simply appease her clients with short-term symptom relief. If you’re living in NYC and you want to achieve whole body health, please see Dr. Armitstead.” ~A.S.


Bladder Pain and Anxiety: “When I came, I had a problem with my equilibrium, pain in my bladder and anxiety. I also had a problem with acid urine, at least once in 24 hours. I was weak, tired and my body felt heavy. A month later, the pain in my bladder is gone. The heavy anxiety is gone, some mild depression at times. Over the weekend, I was able to be out in the morning twice, which I haven’t able to do for sometime.” ~E.C.


Anxiety and Heart Palpitations: “In January 2015, I started to experience heart palpitations. My first stop was to visit a plant-based cardiologist and he ultimately diagnosed with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation after tracking readings from my heart palpitation episodes. Since I had no other risk factors there way thankfully no recommended treatment, however, the episodes were happening at least once every two weeks for over 2 and ½ years. They were disruptive and disturbing to me lasting anywhere from a few minutes to over 7 hours. They contributed to intense anxiety as well. 

I did lots of research and tried a number of remedies and sought the advice of at least 4 different medical practitioners with very marginal impact. It was in August of 2017 when my dentist recommended I see Dr. Armitstead because of my anxiety level.

Working with Dr. Armitstead has been life-changing. Days after initial muscle testing and Dr. Armitstead ’s dietary and supplement recommendations I was feeling things starting to change. Three months later, I was feeling better then I have in years, lost 15 pounds and saw continued improvement in reduced duration and occurrence of heart palpitation episodes and dramatic decrease in anxiety. 

Now less than 6 months after starting my program with Dr. Armitstead  I have been palpitations free for 2 and ½ months! This is an amazing result. I am so grateful for Dr. Armitstead and take every opportunity to recommend her to my friends and family. As my program continues and I meet with Dr. Armitstead on a regular basis I look forward to maintaining, and if possible, increasing my level of health and well being!” ~P.A.

Female Specific

Pregnant!: “It’s official, I’m pregnant!  So grateful you have supported me in SO many ways in this, and I’m so happy to know you’ll be continuing to do so during this next phase!” ~N.K

Yeast Infections: “I was having chronic yeast infections, itchy, milky discharge. Now (after Nutrition Response Testing), no symptoms at all!” ~G.B.

Menopausal Symptoms: “I began to have severe menopausal symptoms starting about a year ago. The hot flashes during the day and the night sweats during sleep were terrible. I remembered how my mother suffered during her climacteric and how many years if took before she was over these problems. I started on a (Nutrition Response Testing) program in which I use a special herbal treatment along with a diet plan. I began to feel much better within a week. The night seats and hot flashes are pretty much gone and I sleep comfortably every night , even when my “moon” is happening.” ~C.J.

Uterine fibroids: "In Nov 2015, a 7cm fibroid was diagnosed in my uterus. This is approximately the size of a softball. Many women with uterine fibroids have no symptoms. However, depending on the size and location within the uterus, the fibroids can cause symptoms such as abnormal bleeding, pain, pressure and protruding abdomen. There are many ways of managing uterine fibroids. Generally the mainstream treatment is surgery. Either selective removal of just the fibroid (myomectomy) or removal of the uterus (hysterectomy).  Not wanting invasive surgery, I chose to work with Dr. Armitstead and take the holistic approach. I am happy to say in less than 1 year, the fibroid is gone. My body is stronger, I have no pain and my belly is no longer protruding." ~K.Y.

Pregnancy support: "My husband and I started seeing Dr. Armitstead before we got pregnant with the intention of resetting our bodies before conceiving. I am about to give birth and can honestly say I had an amazing pregnancy in large part due to Dr. Armitstead's guidance and support -physically, emotionally and energetically. Having seen my fair share of healers, I have never encountered someone so objective, open or committed to tuning into each client's needs without any agenda." E.S.

Normal period and weight loss: "Dr. Armitstead has been a Godsend!  I feel so much better after many years of terrible health issues.  I've lost a ton of weight and I also got a normal period for the first time in years!  She's incredible." ~J.A.

Worry-free pregnancy: "I first started seeing Dr. Armitstead in December of 2016 to prepare myself for IV treatment and to understand more about my health. Once I started my program changing my diet and making lifestyle changes I felt increase of my energy which felt great and just being able to understand what was good for my body and what wasn’t. The IVF transfer was March of this year and in April I found out I was pregnant at the age of 44 on the first attempt. We are so excited. I am now 6 months and Dr. Armitstead has and continues to help support me through the pregnancy especially when I had morning sickness making sure I was getting all the right nutrients and that the baby was supported. I am amazed by this process as she has helped me release all the worry I have about being pregnant for the first time. I feel completely supported knowing what foods are good for both me and the baby, supporting us both with all the essential whole food vitamin and minerals to ensure my baby is growing healthy and strong. I would recommend Dr. Armitstead to anyone who’s wanting to get pregnant because having a safe and worry-free pregnancy is an amazing feeling and knowing that your body can truly tell you what you need for optimal health is priceless." ~M.K.

Male Specific

Prostate Cancer: “Suffering from Stage IV Prostate Cancer which had spread to my spine, I was treated with Xray radiation and hormonal therapy (Lupron, BiCaludamide, Androgen). Cancer was halted, but I had severe hot flashes and night sweats, diminished energy, chronic pain. After six weeks of treatment from Dr. Armitstead, I have experienced great improvement. Prior to treatment, I could only sleep for two hours at a time at best. Often, I’d wake up drenched in sweat every hour. Now I’m sleeping up to four hours, getting much better rest, having more energy and feeling much better. My expectations have been surpassed. I feel the best I have since 2012!”- P.G

Diabetic Neuropathy And Loss of Balance: “When I started, I was taking three medications, twice a day for diabetes, one for high blood pressure and one for thyroid. My blood pressure was always something over 90 or above and my blood sugar levels were always high in the morning, sometimes normal but mostly elevated during the day. I have had pain in my feet for years and spider veins around my ankles and have been overweight most of my life. One of the things thata I noticed was that when I closed my eyes and standing up, I would lose my balance. The biggest changes in this short of time is the change to the medications. I now only take one diabetes pill a day instead of two. I have stopped taking blood pressure medication altogether. My blood pressure readings are between 123-140 over 79-85. This is much better than when I was taking medication. I have not been falling over lately because my balance is better. I find I have more energy. The purple veins on my ankles are now going away and I have more feeling in my feet.” ~P.R.


Scar Therapy And Range of Motion: "About a year ago, I had surgery in my abdominal area that prevented me from lifting my leg parallel to the floor with my knee bent. I started physical therapy, but had little improvement over several weeks. Around June 1, 2016, I started nutrition response testing with Dr. Alicia. Within 30 days of completing scar therapy, I experienced nearly full range of motion in my leg - just in time to start swim lessons! I am so grateful to Dr. Alicia for addressing an issue no other doctor could." ~M.H.

Lyme’s Disease: “Having suffered chronic Lyme Disease for years with no help from Western medicine, I set out on a journey to find out all I can about the beings that were inhabiting my body. During the years I was infected I tried nearly everything, including vitamin IV drips, weeks at a raw living food center, acupuncture, colonics, lymph drainage, doctors, doctors and more doctors. Having finally overcome the infection and on the better side of dealing with the toll it took on my body, mind and spirit, I can highly recommend Dr. Alicia Armitstead. Dr. Armitstead’s uses your own body’s intelligence through NRT (Nutritional Response Testing i.e., muscle testing) to create the plan of action. In my work with Dr. Armitstead we were unable to treat my Lyme infection for 14 months because we had to work through other issues that took priority over the Lyme infection. As an example, if the body is already in a weakened state, it is incapable of performing basic functions like contending with the "everyday" toxicities found in water, air, food, cleansers, deodorants, creams, shampoos, detergents, exhausts, etc., so the body, being too sick to detox them, ends up storing those toxins away in organs or tissue throughout the body. This gradually builds up over time and while this can happen to a healthy happy body, it can be extremely debilitating to a body infected by Lyme or any other severe situation. With Dr. Armitstead, you will experience through the work what toxins are aggressive to the body and need the most immediate attention from visit to visit. Overcoming Lyme Disease is just the beginning; the real work is in restoring the body from the havoc Lyme wreaked. I was like the girl in the bubble: my immune system was and is still so sensitive and if I am exposed to any kind of chemical I get sick. I continue to get better and better but it is a process and a commitment to my health.

It could be Lyme’s disease, autoimmune or any other of the thousands of things that people fight these days and one thing is for sure: You have the power to help your body heal right now today by changing your toxic environment.” A.H.

Autoimmune disease and pain: "When I started treatment with Dr. Armitstead, I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 3 years prior and suffering from pain and discomfort from a femur fracture I sustained 7 years ago, which left me with a painful limp. My health improved drastically within the first 2 weeks of care and continued to improve as time passed. She worked on my energy and picked up on healing my trauma and heart energy. She helped me heal in layers and it’s been an amazing journey into my core. I’m happy to report that my blood levels are back to normal except for one (first time this ever happened). As per my MD, I’ll be in remission soon if I continue at this pace. I’m walking better and experiencing less discomfort. My body is moving in ways that I forgot it was capable of. I reconnected with my family and healed and forgave myself for what I carried all this time. And lastly, I quit my job to pursue my dream of being a business owner. My creativity has flourished and I have manifested opportunities that have allowed me to move forward in that space fearlessly. My healing came in the way of spiritual and physical alignment. My health and my life has changed. I am thankful to Dr. Armitstead and her gift and look forward to my continued healing and evolution." ~ S.R.


Autoimmune, chronic pain & chronic fatigue: I am on the other side of a several year health journey. I would not be here, in health, if it were not for Dr. Armistead and her unflappable team. I came in barely able to get out of bed, in constant pain and far from the woman I know myself to be. Over the course of three years, Dr. Armistead provided consistent, constant and lovingly supportive care to help me heal. Not just there to help me find the right dose of supplements, she also gave me recommendations for additional care: from reiki to infrared saunas. Energy balancing and chakra check-ins were also a part of the regime, and no matter how I showed up for an appointment, there was no judgment about where I was or was not. I am now walking, exercising and living a full life again - thanks to Healing Arts. If I were to be able to give a knighthood, I would bestow one upon Dr. Armistead - for her support, bravery and steadfastness in the face of my unrelenting autoimmune disorders and disease. I am an extremely grateful client. - E. B.

Migraines and Headaches: "When I started coming to Healing Arts I had terrible migraines and felt drained all the times.  I had seen a neurologist who said I would have to take pills suppressing the neurological responses or start doing Botox regularly (at 27 years old I wasn't thrilled with these options, as you could imagine.) So I figured I would try this even though I definitely thought this was "out of the norm" and out of my comfort zone.  I don't know how to say this next part without it seeming completely over the top, but this changed my life.  I'm completely migraine free, I have so much energy, and what's crazy is I got rid of a slight consistent headache that I didn't even know I had! (I guess I just learned to live with it.)  Without this constant annoying pain and the splitting migraines, I'm so much happier, energetic, and all by just a few small nutritional changes.  I just feel so lucky that I came to Healing Arts, and highly highly recommend anyone trying this.  Give it 3-6 months and you'll see amazing changes in your health and way of living." M.K.

Trouble Walking and Sciatica: “Before I came to see Dr. Armitstead, I had been unable to walk at all and lived with daily pain. Having sciatica totally altered my life, I no longer participated in life. All I did was sit. Most of the time I was unable to cook or clean. Physical therapy did not help at all. It was a chore to get dressed that I spent a great deal of time in my pajamas. Standing was impossible. I sat on a stool in the shower. I am a baker and I have not baked in almost two years. After seeing Dr. Armitstead, I am now walking and enjoying life. I am pain free and I will be baking this weekend. I never thought that would happen.” ~ H.C.
Joint Pain: “The results have been so EXTRAORDINARY and RAPID. Through a revised nutrition plan, gentle adjustments and exercises. Dr. Armitstead has offered me a new pain-free life. I’m more at joyful and at peace now in ALL AREAS of my LIFE.” ~O.G.

Fatigue and Body Pain: "Going to Healing Arts has been the best thing I’ve done for myself. After having gone to different doctors over the past three years without any results. I had all kinds of aches in my body, shortness of breath, pain in my lymph nodes, and no energy.  Now after being with Healing Arts for a couple of months, all my symptoms are gone and I have more energy than I’ve had in years. It feels amazing to feel so well, and that is all thanks to Healing Arts. Taking care of myself in this way has also inspired me to think about my health and life in a much more wholesome way. I love how they can basically tell me what my own body is saying it needs.  It is so amazing!" ~T.S.

Fatigue, Dizziness, Allergies and Knee Pain: "I really want you and everyone to know how grateful I am to have been referred to your practice. I initially went to discover exactly what was causing some serious allergic reactions, dizziness and fatigue. The results of your Nutrition Response Testing have been positively life changing for me...weight loss, clear skin and energy. But when I requested an appointment for chiropractic adjustments, I had know idea how quickly I would feel results. I had a total knee replacement last July and have had some rare complications, so I still use a cane. I walked into your office with a cane and after the first adjustment I walked out not feeling the need to use it, so I folded it up and put it in my backpack. Dr. Armitstead has a gentle healing and loving spirit that permeates the sacred space. I look forward to continuing my healing process with your expert assistance. Thank you so much." ~I.S.


Skin, Hair & Nails

Dry Spots on Face and Arms: “I was having problems with dry spots on my face and arms. (After Nutrition Response Testing), I’ve removed the foods that I’m sensitive to and started taking supplements, and within three days my dry spots were gone.” ~R.H.

Acne Problem: “I had severe acne problems with my facial skin. I have never had such bad acne in my life, not even as a teenager. I recently met with my dermatologist and he prescribed doxycyclene, an antibiotic, which basically make the skin appear “clear” as he put it. I took the horse pills for at least 4 months (3 refills). My skin cleared up a little, but not enough for all the medication I was consuming. My dermatologist told me if I wanted clear skin, I just needed to keep taking this prescribed medicine. I decided I did not want to live on drugs for semi-clear skin and stopped visiting my dermatologist. Now (after Nutrition Response Testing), 80% of my acne is gone without taking doxycyclene. I have also noticed an increase in my energy level. Since starting with (Nutrition Response Testing), I have improved greatly in less than a month.” ~ H.H.

Eczema: ”I was suffering from dyshidrotic eczema. My hands were blistering, swollen, and in pain. Prescription medication worked, but once I stopped the eczema would flare out again. I came Dr. Armitstead hoping to heal my eczema rather than just treating the symptoms. After three months of following my program of nutrition and supplements, my eczema began to heal and the flare ups happened less and less. After five months my hands healed. The dandruff on my scalp disappeared. I no longer feel helpless when it comes to my health. Dr. Armistead and her team gave me the tools for success in my healing path.” I.Y.

Before & After skin photos of Healing Arts patients:



Respiratory Conditions

Asthma "This was the first time in 9 years I was able to walk the boardwalk in 80 degree weather.  It was also the first summer in 9 years I haven't been on the nebulizer. And your treatment helped me to overcome the steroid withdrawal.  Thank you so much! I have great hope and know the future will be better. " G.P.


Chronic Cough & Sinus Problems: “In one week after beginning my Nutrition Response Testing program, I have seen a big difference in 80% of my cough and phlegm. My nose has moisture and is not dry and there is less drainage going into my chest.” ~F.B.

Nagging Cough: “I was coughing and blowing my now so many times a day I thought I should invest in the Kleenex company. I was driving my husband and co-workers crazy! I went to work everyday tired. I wanted to go right to bed as soon as I came home from work. I could sleep on Saturday and Sunday until 12noon or 2PM. Now (after Nutrition Response Testing), I can breath and not cough! I don’t have post nasal drip! I get up feeling refreshed and I have energy all day. This is changing my life in just 7 days. I also have lost 2 pounds.” ~T.S.

Runny Nose and Watery Eyes: “Last year, at this same time, when I cleaned my house, I would spend the entire day sneezing with a runny now and watery eyes. I could hardly even function because my eyes would water so badly and my nose would run and I was constantly sneezing. Now (after Nutrition Response Testing), I can clean my entire house without a sneeze or watery eyes and a runny nose. I have not even had a hint of seasonal allergies. I worked in my yard all day yesterday and I didn’t sneeze even once!” ~T.I.

Seasonal Allergies: “I used to have bad seasonal allergies. I would be on antihistamines for a majority of the spring and summer. This year is my third spring without a single antihistamine (after Nutrition Response Testing). I’m able to enjoy being outside and active without being drug down by antihistamines.” R.H.

Asthma and Fibromyalgia: “I first and foremost want to Thank You! You have taken the time to truly help me figure out my complicated health problems. I have been ill for years and have gone to so many doctors. After western medicine said it was all in my head, I explored acupuncture and herbal medicine. I have been to other chiropractors that have done muscle testing and they have helped but then it doesn’t keep working and my body builds up resistance and I start feeling worse. This time you stuck with me, listening to me and my body. We were able to get past my body’s allergies and fluctuating symptoms. Before, I felt like doctors thought I was doing something wrong and not following the program when I really was trying my best. Your patience and perseverance in helping me solve health problems of fibromyalgia, hypothyroid and my ongoing cardiac problems due to rheumatic fever when I was a child has made the difference. I believe my autoimmune problems have been with me for over thirty years. Asthma and irritable bowel which started when I was my twenties was the beginning but now, I’m beginning to breathe easier and be a regular person without running to the bathroom all the time. I don’t have to use my inhalers anymore. Your encouraging me to make dietary changes and adding nutrition has me feeling pain free for the first time in years. I still need to be careful and follow guidelines and if I don’t, I feel ill. Of course not as bad as I did, but enough to show me that the program that you have personally designed for me is making a dramatic difference in my life. I have energy and pain-free comfort to enjoy my grandchildren and to get down on the floor and play with them. I am able to work full time and not miss work because of illness or make it to work all week only to spend all weekend recuperating so I can do it again the next week. Now I am able to be on the go all weeklong choosing to participate in fun activities like kayaking if I want. So I THANK YOU! For getting my life back. You have come to be a very special person in my life and I look forward to getting healthier and healthier under your watch.” ~ C.C.

Weight Loss & Fatigue

 Weight loss plateau & coffee for energy: “My weight loss had plateaued despite being on a low carb diet. My energy was down. I had to drink coffee to make it through the day. Now, my weight loss resumed three days after starting the (Nutrition Response Testing) program. I have energy much more even and dependable. I was able to stop coffee (switched to black tea instead).” ~R.R.

Major weight loss: “I’ve been on a (Nutrition Response Testing) program for over two years now.I’ve lost 77 pounds and am able to be more active than I have been for a longtime. I feel as if I have my life back again!” ~B.H.
Better energy and weight loss:“(After Nutrition Response Testing) my energy level is much higher than it has been for a long time now. I have lost 8-10 pounds without doing anything different than changing my diet and taking the supplements.”~B.W.

Hormone shift and weight loss: "Dr. Armitstead has been a Godsend!  I feel so much better after many years of terrible health issues.  I've lost a ton of weight and I also got a normal period for the first time in years!  She's incredible." ~ J.A.