Addison Landry

Addison Landry has the chiropractic practice in her veins - she was born during her mother's las year of chiropractic college, attending every lecture and exam for the school year. Growing up, she belonged to a health-conscious home, as both parents are chiropractors. Addison always felt it was incredibly powerful, the body's natural ability to heal itself if activated and nurtured in the right way. 

Today, Nutrition Response Testing® is her ambition and purpose. Adison joined Healing Arts in 2016 and aims to create a practice of healthy minds, bodies and spirits.

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Addison's Personal Story with Nutrition Response Testing®

At the young age of 21, my life was consumed by severe digestion issues, hair-loss, stomach pain, and fatigue that left me in a perpetual state of exhaustion. I grew up in Australia in a heathy, holistic-minded home with both parents working in the field of natural medicine. Upon moving to the United States just after my 21st birthday, my health began to crumble before my eyes. What should have been an exciting new chapter of my life was suddenly defined by illness. 

I chose to move to the U.S. to peruse a career in the culinary world. After four years of chef training, I soon discovered that the quality of food and life in New York was subpar compared to that in the environment in which I was raised. My discomfort was subtle in the beginning, but soon began to spiral out of control. My illness began with the occasional bloating and small skin break-outs, but soon escalated to constipation and fatigue. I was in constant pain, and began losing my hair. This not only affected my ability to sleep, but also my mood and ability to work. I was at a loss for how to heal, as I was so far away from the holistic health care I knew so well, and was extremely reluctant to try any western medical treatments. I was taught from a young age that with the right food and chiropractic care, the body could heal itself. So with my parents words replaying in my head, I was on a mission to find someone who could truly help me heal my body naturally. 

I was referred to Dr. Armitstead who practices Nutrition Response Testing. After working with her to adjust my health habits, I began to heal at a rapid rate. Nutrition Response Testing changed my life and restored my faith in the body and whole food nutrition. Within weeks of providing my body with proper whole food nutrition and making important life style changes, the pain had subsided and the loss of hair decreased. A few months went by and my digestion was 50% better and my energy levels were back to normal. I am now I am the healthiest I have ever felt in my life. 

My experience with Dr Armistead and my own personal health journey was a catalyst for beginning a career in Nutrition Response Testing. I am now an associate at Healing Arts, working with Dr Armistead who is fostering my passion to help my community heal. After completing my Intermediate training, I am now working to become a qualified nutrition practitioner, and am taking my clinical mastery training. I am so enamored with the way this technique naturally communicates with the body, addressing the underlying causes of dysfunction rather than suppressing and ignoring vital signs that the body needs help. Nutrition Response Testing is my ambition and purpose. I have seen firsthand how many lives it has impacted, and I am so honored to be able to share this with my community.